Women who want to combat signs of aging and look younger should know what essential oils work the best

Research and testimonies from people show us that essential oils can have major effects in fighting against the common signs of aging that appear on the skin. However, you’re going to want to know which essential oils will give you the best results.

Jojoba oil is one of the most effective skin hydrators available

This oil is full of great ingredients including vitamin B and E as well as copper, zinc, silicone, and chromium. It works by topping up the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for keeping the skin hydrated. They diminish the older you get and that’s where jojoba oil can work its magic. It replaces the sebum oil to prevent the skin and hair from becoming dry.

Pomegranate seed oil has been used for its healing abilities for centuries

The dark red color you find with this oil contain bioflavonoids which are associated with powerful anti-aging benefits. It also works as a natural SPF and protects your skin from harsh sunlight.

Frankincense oil is a potent astringent

The powerful astringent properties of this oil help to protect the skin cells and slow down the effects of aging. Furthermore, it’s incredibly effective at evening out skin tones, removing the appearance of age spots, and increasing the elasticity of your skin.

Lavender oil can specifically target the skin

Not only is lavender oil one of the best ways to treat cuts and burns, it also helps the cells in your skin communicate better with each other. This enhanced communication decreases the chances of free radicals affecting cells and causing damage to your skin.

Making a homemade anti-aging solution is actually pretty easy

Simply mix all of the above essential oils together (jojoba, pomegranate seed, frankincense, and lavender oil). Add ¼ ounce of each oil into a serum jar and apply five drops onto your skin every night before bed. You can repeat the process in the morning to enhance the anti-aging effects and look younger.