Direct pick up:

All 10 branches are free to choose as pick-up location to suit our customers convenience.

Our customers are available to choose any nearest branch(s) to them respective location to pick up the order.

Our 5 Simple steps directory for our self pick-up customer:
1) Once the order have been confirmed and being process, Be Pharmacy Online will shortly reply a confirmation email to you.
2) From the email above, you will be prompt with the payment information. Once the payment is processed completely, we will be contacting you shortly for confirmation of the pick-up location.
3) Upon confirming the pick up location, (either by phone call or via email), we will try our best to prepare the your order as minimal time as possible.  
4) The chosen branch will contact you personally once you order is completed,
5) Upon achieving mutual agreement, simply arrange the most convenient timing for collection and enjoy the quality product offer by Be Pharmacy!